Beard styles for round face: Here is a list of 10 awesome beard styles

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Do you have a round face and do you want to know what styles work best for you? Read this to find your answer. Here is a list of 10 awesome beard styles for round faces.

Introduction to Beard styles for round face

I’m sure you know how beards grow, they come in all sorts of different styles and shapes. so maintaining it and shaping it in a way that suits your face is a real challenge. There are some men with round face shapes out there who have a hard time finding the right style that matches their face shape. Luckily, there are some best beard styles for a round face that help to soften your jaw line and also help to give you the impression of a longer face.

If you have a round face, you may be wondering which beard style suits a round face or how should I shape your beard for a fat face.

I’m not a professional hair stylist or a barber, I strongly advise you to talk to a professional hairdresser in your neighborhood before running scissors.

In this blog, we will take a quick look at the different beard styles for round faces. I’m here with

10 Awesome Beard Styles for Round Faces


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If you have a round face, the best beard style for you is stubble. It’s the perfect way to add definition and contrast to your face without making it look too heavy plus, it’s easy to style and clean. To get the look, simply let your facial hair grow out for a few days until it’s about 1⁄4 inch long. Then, use a trimmer to even out the length and create a clean line around the edges of your beard.

Another go-to beard style for men with round faces is a medium-length full beard. Instead of keeping it to a stubble length, you can let your facial hair grow until it reaches about two inches. 

If you have a round face, a stubble beard style would be great.

Full beard

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The full beard is a style that looks great on men with round faces. To achieve this look, grow your beard for a week until it’s about an inch long. After that, with the help of a beard Trimmer, trim it uniformly.

The reason why I suggest a full beard style is that it emphasizes your jawline, giving you a stronger, more masculine look and if you want to look a little bolder, try using clippers to buzz all sides of your hair at about 1 inch long.

Do you know the best part about this style is that it works well if you’ve got fine or curly hair as well! Just be sure to follow up with some beard oil so that it doesn’t become wiry and rough-looking.

Chin Curtain

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It’s a versatile beard style that pairs well with all face shapes and is one of my favorite beard styles. You can wear it long or keep it short and neat, chin curtain is a great style to go for if you have a round face.

To achieve this look, you’ll need to let your beard grow out until it’s about an inch long. Then, you’ll want to trim the sideburns so that they’re shorter than the hair on top.

Finally, you’ll need to shave everything below your chin to create the chin curtain effect. This beard style is perfect for those who want to make their face look thinner and more angular.

Van Dyke

Van Dyke braid style has become more trendy because of its characteristics of a pointed chin beard and mustache, with clean shaved hair on cheeks and neck. It is quite is to achieve this beard style, start by growing out your chin beard, and mustache to desired lengths. Then, use a razor to shave the hair on your cheeks down to the skin.

Finally, shape your chin beard, and mustache into sharp points. This style works best for men with round faces who want to add definition and angularity to their features.


The best beard style for you is the sideburn beard, this look is achieved by shaving the hair along the sides of your face, leaving a strip of hair along the jawline and it helps to make the face appear longer and thinner. But remember to shave in the direction of your hair growth to avoid irritation.

There is a similar style which is also called The Ambush. In this, the hair on the cheeks and mustache area is allowed to be longer than normal and the left cheek is clean-shaven. The combination of neatly shaved cheeks and a long sideburned beard will attract the eyes of your friends and make you stand out from the crowd.

Mutton Chops

One of the best beard styles for a round face is the mutton chops beard, This style involves leaving a strip of hair down the center of your chin and then shaving the rest of your face clean. To pull off this look, you’ll need to have a bit of patience as it can take some time to grow out your beard but once you’ve got the chops, you’ll be able to rock this style with confidence.

When you styling any kind of facial hair on a round face, keep in mind that you don’t want anything too angular or square looking because it will only accentuate your features and make them appear even more rounder. So stick with soft lines when shaping your beard so that you don’t go overboard. 


Many people shy away from having a beard because they think that a beard will make their face look more round but the truth is, there are plenty of beard styles that can actually help soften the appearance of a round face. One such style is the circle beard, which is basically a goatee with a mustache.

To get this look, start by growing out your facial hair evenly. Then, use a razor to create a clean line around the edge of your chin. Finally, shape the mustache into a small horizontal line above your upper lip.


The Wolverine beard style is one of my favorite bearded looks. It’s edgy and definitely stands out from your standard mustache and goatee combo. Plus, it compliments a round face really well. All you need to do is let your beard grow out until it reaches a decent length (you don’t want stubble), shape it into a triangle using a comb, trim its sides shorter than your chin, and finish off by giving it some definition using clippers or an electric razor.

This will give you that classic Wolverine looks that both men and women can appreciate. The key is not to trim your beard too short or else it’ll appear more square.


If you have a round-shaped face then you should make sure not to style such a beard that makes your face square. The Balbo is a great style for men with round faces because it’s trimmed close on the sides and fuller on the chin. To get this bear style you need to start by growing out your beard to the desired length, then trim it up with scissors or clippers and make sure there’s no longer than 1 inch from your chin to the bottom of your mustache Next, decide if you want to trim up any sideburns.

Generally, you’ll want to have them connect at about the earlobe level, and lastly, decide if you would like a balbo style. It should be more narrow on the sides and wider on the bottom lip area.


The Lumberjack beard style is perfect for men with round faces. This beard style is full and thick, which helps to add some extra definition to your face. Plus, the Lumberjack beard style is easy to shape and maintain. To get this look, simply let your beard grow out for a few weeks until it’s nice and full. Then, use a beard trimmer to shape your beard into a rectangular shape.


When it comes to beard styles for round faces, it is a bit harder to do. It is important to have the right grooming products and follow a good routine. It is important to be patient and not try to rush the process. You need to take your time and find the style that works for you. With these tips and suggestions, you are sure to find an amazing beard style that will work for you.

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